Critical Strike

E3 is finally over! This episode is basically us covering everything we thought about E3, the goods, the bads and the ugly (Nick).

Of course we covered our normal stuff such as the Video Game Music Challenge. If you'd like to submit a answer for this then please head over to our forums and submit your answer to me (Josh) in a private message.

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Yeah, we finally settled down and recorded a new episode. Of course it was just Nick and myself at 2am and what was it like? It gives you a general idea that we need Keith to keep us in line.

In this episode we discussed our top 5 console games of all time, the video game music challange, pre-E3 rumors, what we would like to see or what we expect from each company and the show itself.

If you'd like to guess the Video Game Music Challange please head over to our forums and message your answer to me (Josh).

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