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As this will probably be our last official episode of Critical Strike in 2009, Kyle and I decided to do our top five games of the year! This year has brought us some pretty darn good games but with quite the surprise Kyle ended up making his the top five games of 2009 that he didn't hate. Here is what we discussed: Dragon Age Origins, Left 4 Dead 2, Avatar, Pixeljunk Shooter, Osu!, the Motorola Droid and of course our top 5 games of 2009.

Music in this episode: Trans-Siberian Orchestra (requested by mik), Naruto: Shippuden

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Now that I'm finally healthy and Kyle is back from Philadelphia, we decided to get together and record a podcast! The sad part about that is, neither of us really played much so we brought in our good friend from the PSNerds Podcast Mr BillyBillBlack! Here is what we discussed: The Motorola Droid & iPhone, Kyle reaching level 80 in World of Warcraft, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Team Fortress 2, Assassin's Creed II.

Music in this episode: Shatter, Babyman, Lost Odyssey

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I finally got around to doing another episode of Critical Music but I do apologize for the main podcast being gone for a few weeks. Most people don't know that I was pretty sick there and I just decided it's better to not do a podcast like that. But none the less, here is a new episode of Critical Music that I hope everyone likes.

Music in this episode: The Black Mages, Assassin's Creed II, The World Ends With You, Half Minute Heroes, wizcom, Starship Amazing, Ikari Warriors, Ziwtra, The Guardian Legend, Super Rub 'a' Dub, Perfect Dark Zero, Power Blade, Demon Soul's, Ultimate Ghosts'n'Goblins, Starscream, God Hand, Final Fantasy VI

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We're happy to be back and once again releasing a episode but this one was not without its technical difficulties. Kyle's microphone had a loose wire that was causing a static sound in his recording that we didn't notice during the pre-podcast preparations.  But we cleaned it up a bit and decided to release the episode anyway so here is what we discussed: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Uncharted 2, Borderlands, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Call of Duty 4, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI.

Music in this episode: Bonnie Tyler, Uncharted 2, Final Fantasy VI, Buckner & Garcia

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So this is our second Critical Music release this month but I've always kind of loved the horror genre of video games and the way they use music to screw with you or keep you on your toes. As I mentioned on the show, this release probably isn't for everyone but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Music in this episode: Silent Hill 2, Splatterhouse 2, ObsCure, Clock Tower, Dracula: The Resurrection, Silent Hill 3, Legacy of Kain: Defiance, Castlevania, Dead Space, Parasite Eve, D2, Kuon, Siren 2, Haunting Ground, 7th Guest, Galerians: Ash, Vampire Night, Zombie Revenge.

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After a brief break while Kyle moved and we both were slammed at work we once more return to the podcasting world with a new fresh way to find ways to make ourselves worse! Oh yes, now we watch each other while recording and it leads to some pretty interesting distractions but oh well, it was our first time with it! Here is what we discussed: Kyle moving, Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2, PSP Go, pinball games, Dead Space, Shadow Complex, Perfect Dark Zero, Motorstorm Arctic Edge.

Music in this episode: Bit.Trip Beat, Buckner & Garcia, Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra

Special Thanks: The Fanboys Lunchcast for putting us up on their forums.

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Oh yes, it's that time again! Time for another monthly edition of Critical Music but this time it's probably a bit early, either way I'm sure you'll enjoy it! With this episode we go back and revisit our love for chiptunes and show off a few more excellent artists in this growing music genre. Since this Critical Music is a bit early and since I'm sick, there just may end up being two this month!

Artists in this episode: minusbaby, Monsters, arcadecoma, Cornbeast, UnicornDreamAttack, giveupnewyork, YMCK, Sabastian Boaz, smiletron, Lada Laika, Mizuki's Last Chance, goatslacker, Nullsleep, Random, Darklime, FearofDark, Dr. Szliszka

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It's been a pretty busy time for both Kyle and myself so if we didn't have many games to discuss on this one, I'm not too surprised. At least some can say we got another episode out and talked about a few good games so it isn't too bad! Here's what was discussed: Kyle's moving!, Scribblenauts, Halo 3, Halo ODST, NHL 10, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, voicemails.

Music in this episode: Sonic the Hedgehog, Katamari Damacy Forever, Little Samson

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On this midnight hour podcast Kyle and I are probably a bit tired and out of it but somehow it ended up being so damn long! Either way, at least we got another one out and are are still sticking to our schedule. Here is what we discussed: Workd of Warcraft, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, The Beatles Rock Band, Trine, League of Legends, Raiden IV, Ninja Gaiden NES, our top 5 games we want this year, voicemails!

Music in this episode: A Boy and his Blob, Ninja Gaiden (The Minibosses),  Super Mario Bros. 2, The Black Mages

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I figured it was about time to pay tribute to the huge community over at OCRemix. Without them we wouldn't have thousands of wonderful remixes for many of our favorite video game music songs! Make sure you head over to their website and grab some of the music or if you can, try and find a way to show your support to this growing community of talented people.

Music in this episode: Final Fantasy VI, Altered Beast, Ninja Gaiden, Dig Dug, Ultima Online, Neverwinter Nights, Sonic the Hedgehog, Silent Hill II, Journey to Silius, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Skies of Arcadia, Kirby's Adventure, Chrono Trigger, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man 3, Ducktales

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Alas we return to the realm of podcasting but in a sad note we were both exhausted and this episode kind of lacks our normal spunk. Either way we had some pretty good discussions about: World of Warcraft, Blizzcon, Shadow Complex, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 9, Super Metroid, League of Legends.

Music in this episode: Seiken Densetsu 2, Mega Man 9, Super Metroid

Contest: If you'd like to enter our contest for the MAG beta code email us here and the fifth person to email us will win the code to the upcoming PlayStation 3 shooter.

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Looks like we're still on schedule and actually releasing episodes! It was nice to sit down and record, plus we even got a couple of voicemails from two awesome people. Here's what else we discussed: Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Shatter, Mega Man 3, Super Metroid, Trials HD, TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, Double Dragon,  NCAA 10, Madden NFL 10.

Music in this episode: Jet Set Radio Future

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Well doesn't that just figure, I do my first monthly Critical Music episode and I can't think of a damn title name for it! Oh well, as long as everyone is happy with the music I can't complain.

Music in this episode: Shadow Warrior, Faxanadu, Shatter, GripShift, Bionic Commando (2009), inFAMOUS, R-Type 3, Geometry Wars 2, Wii Sports Resort, Plants vs Zombies, Gunbird 2, Trine, Blue Dragon, Assassin's Creed, Sacred 2, Vomitron (Contra Cover), Starcraft, Bit.Trip Beat.

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As the title says, there is a certain game that Kyle has been playing which is a major sacrifice on his part, why you ask? This game drives him insane! Hopefully he'll make it through the game, but I highly doubt it. Here's some other stuff we discussed while spoofing one of our favorite podcasts: Castle Crashers, Chromehounds, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Trine, Wii Sports Resort, The Bigs 2.

Music in this episode
: Shatter

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Of course, it seems to have become a trend that we only do a main podcast episode when Kyle gets injured in his daily life. So after he got rear ended while driving the company truck, we just knew it was finally time to regroup and discuss simple things like video games! Here's some of the stuff we discussed: Lost Odyssey, Braid, WiiFit, Wolfenstein 3D, Kyle being horrible and not playing Quake, Shadow Warrior, inFAMOUS, Ghostbusters, Tiger Woods 10, Bubble Bobble Plus, Bit.Trip Core, Killing Floor, Street Fighter IV, Blazblue, Zenonia, NCAA Football 10.

Music in this episode: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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I'm always happy to see when people express their interest in video game music but most of all I love it when people give specific games to show off the music they love. That's why when I saw a thread over at the Player One Podcast forums discussing peoples favorite video game music, I knew I had to make a Critical Music to go along side it.

Music in this episode: Civilization IV, Rez, Persona 3, Super Castlevania IV, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Metroid, Shenmue, Mr. Driller, Ultima Online, Tekken Tag Tournament, Gunstar Heroes, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne, Donkey Kong Country, Beyond Good & Evil, Super Mario Bros. 3, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, Bubble Bobble, Chrono Trigger, Tenchu Kurenai

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Kyle and I return on this very hot day to a slew of background noises such as rain, a graduation party and of course, the birds. It's been awhile since we've gotten together but here's what we talked about: Fable 2, Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, FunSpot, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Aero Fighters, Wrestlefest, Team Fortress 2, Dawn of War II, Punch-Out!!, Civilization 4, inFamous, Prototype.

Music in this episode: Punch-Out!!
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There will most likely be a lot of people who either love or hate this one, it's risky doing a music show on something so niche but I absolutely love chiptunes and I hope this turns some people on to them as well!

Artists in this episode: Nullsleep, bzl, ajax, Trash80, beldoroon, Naruto, Twilight Electric, SkyLabrynth, Dr. Szliszka, Maniac, Animal Style, Goto80, Paza, Firebrand Boy.

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The main show is back! Kyle and I get together and with the return of the show came the return of the Critical Strike tradition of spring time bird recordings! Either way we discussed: Fable 2, Kyle's HDTV, Chromehounds, Resident Evil 5, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2, World of Warcraft, Bit.Trip Beat

Music in this episode: Marvel vs Capcom 2
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Critical Music returns once more and this time I finally get a chance to hammer out some of those requests!

Music in this episode: MegaMan 9 Melody, Battle of Olympus, World of Warcraft, Thunder Force III, OutRun 2006, Streets of Rage III, Lost Odyssey, Dawn of War, Shadow of The Colossus, The Revenge of Shinobi, Oblivion, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, Starship Amazing, God of War 2, Nullsleep, Chrono Cross

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Kyle and I finally got back together, we apologize for being away for so long but we do explain where we've been on the podcast. Hopefully with this release we're going back to our normal bi-weekly schedule. Discussed in this episode: A Kingdom for Keflings, Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Flower, Bit.Trip Beat, Order Up, Retro Game Challenge, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and more!

Music in this episode: Kingdom Hearts II
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It feels like I've been working on this for ages yet it's only been a few weeks! I'd say this is by far the biggest Critical Music I've tackled and though it's taken me so long, I'm pretty pleased with it!

Music in this episode: Bionic Commando Re:Armed, Ghost `n Goblins, Forgotten Worlds, Dead Rising, Viewtiful Joe, Pocket Fighter, Cyberbots Full Metal Madness, Darkstalkers 2, 1943, Legendary Wings, Strider, Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright, Captain Commando, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Mercs, Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, Magical Tetris Challenge, Knights of the Round, Little Nemo, DuckTales, Monster Hunter, Onimusha 2, Dino Crisis 2, Breath of Fire II, Power Stone, Strider 2, Final Fight 3, MegaMan 9, MegaMan, MegaMan X, MegaMan ZX, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter IV, The Advantage, The Minibosses, Entertainment System

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Joining Kyle and myself in this lovely episode was our good friend and faithful listener Paul Nash! It was weird having a third on again but Paul fit in nicely to discuss Kyle getting hit by a car, Fallout 3 & DLC, Naruto: The Broken Bond, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, EVE Online, Warhammer Online.

Congratulations to our friends at Cyberpunks Gaming for reaching their one year anniversary!

Music in this episode: Start Select - Dungeon/Legend of Zelda Theme

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I'm finally back and after many weeks of promising people that I'd do a new Critical Music, it's finally here! This one is a bit more dedicated to actual game music than chiptunes or video game inspired band music so I hope you enjoy!

Music in this episode: Katamari Damacy, Metal Gear Solid 2, Castlevania, Lost Odyssey, Street Fighter 3, Prince of Persia, Uncharted, Jeanne D`arc, Persona 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Metroid Prime Fusion, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Metal Slug 5, Pikman, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

Mentioned in the show: GamerHusbands, CounterCultureRadio, Radio's Dead

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The year is now 2009 and Kyle forced me to record a podcast, this is the end result!

Games discussed: Fallout 3, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Prince of Persia, Call of Duty: World at War, A Kingdom of Keflings, Dash of Destruction, EVE Online, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Valkyria Chronicles, LittleBigPlanet, NES collecting

Music in this episode: Journey to Silius

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