Critical Strike

Josh made me host this one, and edit it, and release it.  Yep, I do it all on this episode, that is except sound like I know anything about video games or video game controllers.  Hell, Josh was even a little shocked that I knew something about the Sega Dreamcast at one point!

So check out Episode 8 below, give it a listen, and if you like what you hear or have even the tiniest shred of pity in your cold dark hearts, give us a Digg to make Josh smile.

In this episode we divulge our  top 5 favorite video game controllers.  We do the video game music challenge (during which Josh insults his co-workers), then we talk about game franchises of yesteryear consoles that we'd either like to see on next-gen consoles or that we'd rather not see on next-gen consoles.

Enough blather from me.  Enjoy the podcast.

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Madden week podcast edition! Of course, only one of us is actually playing Madden but he clearly isn't a true gamer. This is your typical episode where we cover our top five gaming podcasts, what we've been up to since the last episode, the video game music challenge. For our discussion the topic this week was based off a article on GamesRadar about game franchises evolving or revolutionizing.

If you would like to submit your answer for the video game music challenge then head over to our forums, register and message Josh with your answer. 

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It's finally out! But we apologize for the delay on this release, we actually recorded this episode on Sunday night. Through computer issues, work issues Keith managed to finish up the editing and get this out for everyone!

In this episode we discuss our top five video game bad guys, obviously the "world famed" video game music challenge and our outlook on multi platform games. We also welcome our new Playgasm podcast member Kyle!

Thank you and enjoy.

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