Critical Strike

Wow!  This will be our fourth release this month.  I'm rather impressed! The whole crew is back together again, and well, this is the result.  Sorry.

  • What we've been up to
  • Video game music challenge
  • What games tend to make us a tad bit cranky

As usual, please give us some iTunes reviews!

Music in this episode: Entertainment System, Starship Amazing

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Short Mr Keith yet Kyle remained making it all good! This episode was kind of weird, Kyle and I seemed to go off on little ramble bits and of course at one point it ended up being a commercial for The Megas (go buy their album!) but thats alright by me!

  • What we've been up to
  • Lovely ice cream truck music
  • Top 5 games we were hopelessly addicted to
  • Why we think video game movies are full of fail

Music in this episode: MegaMan 3 with lyrcs intro, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Megas.

Special thanks to mik and the pong world champion "announcer guy" from The Fanboys for the opening clip.

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I've always been a big fan of what people now consider "retro" games, to me the best times in gaming are the Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System and so forth.

One thing I think that has sadly been lost on gamers of today is the fun factor in which these games bring out more than anything, at least to me. Today everything seems to be about graphics and big explosions, while back then they couldn't do that and had to focus on just making something that was fun (or completely horrible, heres looking at you McKids).

So anyway, I figured I'd make a little tribute video showing off some of my favorite games on the NES, I'll probably continue making these over time since it was a pretty cool project.

I've never had to release a video on the feed, lets hope it works! If it doesn't then you can always watch the video over on YouTube.

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Congratulations to Kyle Dumond for his one year with the Playgasm / Critical Strike podcast! We were a bit harsh on him in this episode, kind of a throw back to us being dicks but hes a trooper!

  • What we've been up to
  • Top 5 games we want for the rest of 2008
  • Our view on DLC / user created content thus far in this generation

Music in this episode: Mike Tyson's Punch Out!, Bloody Roar

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