Critical Strike

Welcome to episode 23, in this episode it's just me and Mr Kyle Dumond. Sadly, yes we are short one Mr Keith Harbourt but we made do anyway and Kyle really picked up the ball and ran with it. Heres what we discussed:

  • What we've been up to
  • Josh's hate for Mass Effect
  • Video game music challenge
  • Spiffy new LittleBigPlanet videos
  • When the hell is Kyle getting a PS3?
  • Microsoft's lack of a dashboard update and removal of failure XBLA titles

Music in this episode: Everyday Shooter, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, The Megas

As always, please hook us up with some iTunes reviews and if you'd like to submit an answer for the video game music challenge then head over to our forums.

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Once more we gather to record a new episode, but this one is kind of special. This one is our one year anniversary of podcasting under the Playgasm / Critical Strike name! In this episode we discussed:

  • What we've been up to
  • Video game music challenge
  • What do we think of our past and future hopes
  • Montage of clips from past episodes
  • Our announcement of being affiliated with Platform Nation

As always, please give us some iTunes reviews, we'd appreciate the support. Also, no Grand Theft Auto 4 was mentioned on this podcast, you're welcome.

Special thanks: The Fanboys, Player One Podcast, GamerHusbands, The Megas, Steve519, PSH Radio

Music in this episode: MegaMan: Powered Up, F-Zero, Ghostbusters, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7, New Super Mario Brothers, The Last Ninja (remix), StarTropics, Goonies 2, Ultima Online, Castlevania: SOTN, Diablo, MegaMan III, The Megas - Metal Dance

If you'd like to buy The Megas cd then head over here.

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